We all have a story; here is some of mine and the nature of Services we are currently providing for/to you.

David Lewis Rouge Agent Breakout Room

David Lewis one of the smartest and brightest minds in the Insurance Industry today, shares his expertise, wisdom, and his opinions on the survival of ordinary people, and Organizations. His experience: Over the last 15 years, he’s helped develop educational and marketing content for large financial firms like Allstate, New York Life, State Farm, Am Trust, and J.G. Wentworth.

  • California State University (CSU) teaches his essays on Human Life Value and life insurance as part of its Expository Writing and Reading Course.
  • His articles have been featured in online publications like Think Advisor, The Huffington Post, NuWire Investor, and Real Clear Markets.

Update: Current work

We have been extremely busy lately, enhance the lack of update on our blog. Fear no more, we’re back with some news!

We have been commissioned to BRING happiness and joy to the lives of many, but you must have the hunger for it; it requires your commitment and time; but it will work.

New Dreams

New Perspectives, New Hopes.

The ability to make adjustments in life is a skill that requires being in the moment and having a full sense of awareness, we can help you to get and sustain that mindset.

Our new thrust:

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Our mission will not be deterred by religion, culture, creed, or limiting beliefs, political, social and economical barriers. We will ensure that everyone who contacts us, get the service and the value which they deserve, and the answers that they seek; guaranteed. NO LIMITS; NO BARRIERS.