CINDY COSTLEY LIVE Survivor | Author | Speaker | Mast Cell/Allergy Wellness Coach speaks about Helping individuals connect their #stress, #trauma, and #allergic reactions, and heal. Cindy is deeply passionate about helping individuals heal the relationship between their traumas and their emotional and physical challenges. After suffering from a rare disorder for over 34 years, Cindy knewContinue reading “CINDY COSTLEY LIVE”

STEVE BOYRS LIVE I have been teaching and coaching for the last 25 years and just wrote my first book called, How to beat Stalin, Hitler, and the Southern State Parkway. It is a motivational story about how in my darkest time, my mother, family history, and football helped to bring me back from the abyss andContinue reading “STEVE BOYRS LIVE”

The Man With One Pair of Shoes Rewired Andy shares episode 3 of season 1 of his podcast, focusing on the fact that this pivotal episode really represents his story and his legacy, he wants to remember that part of his life when the dream was just forming. This episode gives an in-depth insight into the struggles he encountered, and the decisionsContinue reading “The Man With One Pair of Shoes Rewired”

BRIAN ARNOLD BREAKING OUT Hi, my name is Brian Arnold. I was a former Mafia-trained card shark making millions of dollars before the age of 24. That was back in 1974. I fell into a deep depression, drugs, alcohol, self-destruction, and suicide. I had a very powerful spiritual experience and was instantly delivered from my addictions, deep depression,Continue reading “BRIAN ARNOLD BREAKING OUT”